Silent Revolution Events provide exceptional Silent Disco entertainment systems and Electronic Marketing Solutions for festival goers, event guests, conference and convention groups, including new product launch audiences.


Event Producers

Our event producers and marketing managers are able to provide a unique and quality entertainment experience as part of their event, increasing their options of event locations and providing a memorable social interactive experience for their audiences.

Silent Revolution can advertise event sponsors on the headphones, and measure the throughput of audience at your event. We offer entire entertainment and marketing packages to assist with a wide range of event activities.

Our background is information technology based with a history of live audio production and technology, accumulating many years experience in the music and entertainment industry.

“Shhh… Silent Disco in progress!”

Imagine walking into an event, club or festival where visually everything looks normal at first. There is mood lighting, staging and DJ’s. You look closer at the crowd and you see that everyone is wearing headphones and dancing to no amplified music at all.

There is an unusual yet entertaining buzz in the crowd as they sing out loud in an nonsensical manner. You put your headphones on and now understand what’s going on.

You quickly choose what type of DJ / music style you prefer by switching to channel 1, 2 or 3 on your headphones. You soon forget that people my be watching and start to sing out loud in the top of your voice, adding to the crowds informal buzz.

Because of the unique qualities of this entertainment medium, the
creative applications for a Silent Disco is limited only by the imagination. It may be incorporated into event themes to create a fresher entertainment experience or used distinctly on its own.

Silent Revolution will personally assist you with facilitating and brainstorming a unique entertainment experience for your event. We also insure that our silent disco will be easily integrated into your event.

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