Silent Revolution provide innovative and premium entertainment concepts with fail safe sound solutions for events, venues and festivals.

We supply silent disco system packages to ensure a unique and quality entertainment experience for your event and to extend entertainment
duration and use of venue space in compliance with licensing, city councils and the EPA.


  • Extend the use of venue space.
  • Have two events running close by, simultaneously.
  • Overcome sound issues/requirements.
  • Increase the options of event locations.
  • Accommodate more people into your venue.

  • Extend the duration of entertainment.
  • Offer a unique and memorable entertainment experience.
  • Hi-fidelity stereo sound anywhere in the venue.
  • Three channels of silent entertainment in the one venue.
  • Provide a new social interactive experience.

We are located in Miami, Florida USA and provide our service nationally.

Our background is technology based with a history of live sound and music production accumulating many years experience in the music and entertainment industry.

  • Position staging anywhere in the venue.
  • Brand the headphones with your corporate identity.
  • Hear presenters clearly in an exhibition environment.

  • Easy compliance with licensing, council or EPA
  • Utilize the three stereo channels for alternative methods such
    as language services or enhancing a Silent Auction etc …

Besides corporate events and festivals, we have ongoing client relationships extending across differing venues. Our clients include Heineken TransAtlantic Festival, The Rhythm Foundation & Miami Dade County & Miami Marlins.

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