Silent Revolution provide innovative and premium entertainment concepts with fail safe sound solutions for events, venues and festivals.

We provide Silent Disco Events for festival goers, event guests, conference and convention groups, including new product launch audiences. Sign up for Events & happenings below. We also have giveaways to!
  • Extend the use of venue space.
  • Have two events running close by, simultaneously.
  • Overcome sound issues/requirements.
  • Increase the options of event locations.
  • Accommodate more people into your venue.

  • Extend the duration of entertainment.
  • Offer a unique and memorable entertainment experience.
  • Hi-fidelity stereo sound anywhere in the venue.
  • Three channels of silent entertainment in the one venue.
  • Provide a new social interactive experience.

We are located in Miami, Florida USA and provide our service nationally.

Our background is technology based with a history of live sound and music production accumulating many years experience in the music and entertainment industry.

  • Position staging anywhere in the venue.
  • Brand the headphones with your corporate identity.
  • Hear presenters clearly in an exhibition environment.

  • Easy compliance with licensing, council or EPA
  • Utilize the three stereo channels for alternative methods such
    as language services or enhancing a Silent Auction etc …

Besides corporate events and festivals, we have ongoing client relationships extending across differing venues. Our clients include Heineken TransAtlantic Festival, The Rhythm Foundation & Miami Dade County & Miami Marlins.

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