College Campus & Streets of Rochester go Silent Disco

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The streets of Rochester were vibrant with live musicians jamming in the streets or creating playful atmospheres in cafes and restaurants. However, there was one musical venue that focused on silence as key. Right off The Eastman Theater was the popup carnival-simulated space The Crystal Palace that homed the famed Silent Disco. Opening its doors to any groover 18 years or older, the Palace vibrated with exciting energy of all ages who wanted to experience the quietest party they will have enjoyed attending.


“It was a great way to escape from the Brockport campus for a night and dance all our academic stresses out in silent disco headphones, reminiscing on easier times and happy musical experiences.”

As you walk in, a table of white headphones attracts your gaze as you are guided through the procedure. Two stations are at the listener’s disposal, with one connected to a station of hits from the 1960s to the ‘90s. The second one compiles the viral sounds of the past two decades. These stations are connected to two DJ’s placed in the middle of the circular dance floor splicing and dicing the beats we have all grown up to love. A quick press of a button promotes our indecisive natures, letting you play with moving through songs as you please.

Fog machines and colored lights created a groovy atmosphere of the silent dance party as the crowd and the catalog students of the college at Brockport, seemed to be constantly attracted to one specific station at a time. Everyone was singing out loud to the silent party piped into the silent air that was only swimming with the badly sung broken lyrics of layered songs. Everyone was there to simply dance and enjoy being bonded to music with a mass of glowing strangers. Dancing as insane as possible, everyone felt independent yet inevitably connected to each other through two simple choices of music. All personal favorite musical genres faded away. Everyone became bonded through the songs you did not know you could belt from beginning to end and that brought up memories suppressed for years.


At the end of the night the DJ’s had us all make one big conga line that spiraled through the whole circular dance room of the venue. High-fiving people of all ages with gleaming smiles caked under sweaty skin topped off the experience in an ephemeral silent disco community-building game.

Exhausted, happy, and very dehydrated my friends and I danced through the streets of Rochester fulfilled and exhilarated by musician our ears and dance coming together to embrace the Fringe community.

By Chloe London – THE STYLUSOn October 6, 2015

Photo courtesy of “Rochester Fringe Festival” Facebook Page

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