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One of the things that makes Miami so special is that it brings people and cultures together. One event in particular is doing it with the help of super high tech, wireless headphones

Free headphones take a selfie of yourself riding the Miami Metromover, #SRMoviesinthePARK will receive a complimentary headphone rental. Or pay just 5 buck!

WSVN Channel 7 Deco Drive headphone wearing hipster Chris Van Vliet knows all about it.

Pick the activity you want to do and tune in to that frequency … that’s literally how this works. A new event in the park is giving you different kinds of fun all at the same time.

From afar — it’s a silent gathering. But the party is on — every Thursday at the Tina Hills Pavilion in Bayfront Park.

Michael Butler: “‘Move-ies in the Park’ is a dining, culinary, drinking, dancing, movie experience where we’re going to integrate all kind of cultures to one central place to have a party and have a good time.”

All sorts of activities are possible at the same time, thanks to these very special headphones.

Michael Butler: “While you’re here, if you’re taking one of our fitness classes, you tune into the blue channel or blue frequency. If you’re here for the DJs, you can switch your frequency to the red channel. When the movie starts at 8 o’clock, you can actually switch the channel again and you can listen to the movie being played.”

Every week — there’s a different theme.

Deco was there for some hot Latin action.

Michael Butler: “We have Latin and Caribbean night … all tropical nights. We’re going to have a bossfit reggae workout class and then we’re gonna have a bachata class.”

Not a dancer? That’s OK, you can listen to the DJ spin or get your food on.

Michael Butler: “We are always going to have food trucks come in. We are going to have a food component that’s going to match with the theme.”

And so will the movie.

For Latin night — we watched “La Bamba.”

Simone Sobers: “My favorite thing about this event is a combination of a few different things. So there’s dance, there’s movies, there’s different styles of dance, so it’s a combination of different kinds of arts.”

Our fav — renting the headphones will only cost you $5.

Michael Butler: “If you take our beloved Metromover, and take an Instagram pic and send it to us, you’ll get a free set of headphones.”

Tomorrow’s theme is ’80s, so don’t forget your legwarmers.

Michael Butler: “The following we’re gonna have a ’70s disco funk where we expect people to come in bellbottoms and afros, and we’ll do a lot of funk and soul. The last week of the month, we’re gonna do a classic ’90s hip-hop, where we’re gonna have breakdancing classes.”

Sounds like you’ve got your month all planned out.

The program has been going on for 10 weeks at Williams Park. Many of the students have shown their accomplishments in the program. “We build it from scratch, and basically, we just had to put it on piece by piece, which took about five days, I might say,” said eighth-grader Autouri Bellamy.

south-florida-cares-mentoring-movement-oprah-winfrey-students-wear-headphones-1Bellamy said that his involvement in the program has made him realize his professional dreams. “It makes me want to do this in the future as my dream job: building robots, encoding, tech for space stations and computers,” he said.

All of the students wear headphones during the afternoon that allow them to receive instructions from the mentors easily.

Organizers for the project are requesting the help of the community. They need more funding in order to keep the program growing. “We absolutely need funding, so we can keep providing programs, keep having events like this, so the kids can show the work that they have done over the weeks and also to recruit more members.”

Courtesy of Lynn Martinez WSVN

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