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Silent Disco at Millbank Tower’s Altitude 360

Silent Disco. Such a fun concept. Get a few DJs in the room, a lot of wireless headphones and a crowd ready to party and you’re all set for a great Friday night. The folks over at Millbank Tower’s Altitude bar seem to know it well, so their infamous silent disco, coupled with the amazing 360 degree views is a sure recipe for them.

Let’s start from the beginning though. It was my first time in such an event and, while my colleagues thought it would just be a bunch of people dancing to nothing, I was quite excited. If anything it was bound to be funny, all these people dancing in silence. However, within a few minutes I could see exactly why this is so popular. There’s nothing better than dancing to the music you like without having to worry about the rest of the group!


Let me explain this a bit more for those of you who might be confused. You know how in most clubs you get a few different rooms, each playing a different style of music and you end up switching all the time to keep everyone happy? I always have that issue and eventually the group splits to go dance to the music each one likes. Well, in this case you don’t have to do that. Just flip the switch on your headphones and you’re done. Still dancing with your group but without having to listen to the same songs. As for the silence… well, with everyone singing along to their favourite songs there was none of that…


What actually ended up happening is that most of us would be listening to something, then one would switch to see what the other channels played and if it was good they’d signal the rest to switch and check it out. Not everyone agreed with every song decision, especially when all three channels played some great tunes at the same time, but in general it was easy to distinguish the better songs, even just by taking a look around the room to see when most people were suddenly switching to one specific channel over the rest. Oh, the joys of colour coding, right?


Speaking of the colours, that was another thing I really enjoyed. You might think it’s weird, but compared to all the dark clubs and bars we find ourselves in most of the time, having an all white venue with glass windows all around and just some lights representing the three music channels was a vital part of the event’s atmosphere. When the bar was full, the room was lit up with the lights from everyone’s headphones dancing to their respective tunes. Who needs club lighting when your guests are moving colourful fireflies making the whole place look shiny and futuristic? Think of Tron Legacy but in a party.

The one thing that could do with some improvement, however, is the bar. The prices are decent for this kind of event, however you only have the option to get a beer, wine or a spirit with a mixer. Now, don’t you think that some colourful cocktails (and some fishbowls even because why not) would go great with the vibe of the party? I definitely do. You could even keep them to the blue – green – red theme if you wanted to but I must insist that adding some to the menu would be a huge advantage. And it could also lead to some higher revenues (says my inner marketer). Anyway, if you’re happy with a pint and some cool music, then there’s nothing to worry about.

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